Water Water Everywhere

WWE #30: Golden Reflections

This is my contribution to Jez Braithwaite’s Water Water Everywhere #30 Photo Challenge.

These are two summer plumage Horned Grebe on a farm pool in Saskatchewan, Canada. The golden reflections on the water aren’t from a sunset, the photo was taken in the afternoon.

Behind the pool is a weathered wooden corral fence and a large stack of weathered straw bales. Because I was lying in the mud at the edge of the water getting down to eye level with the birds the fence and bales are being reflected in the water.

I should also explain that the Horned Grebe of North America is a subspecies of the bird known as the Slavonian Grebe in the U.K.


Water Water Everywhere #30: Golden Reflections


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Old and New

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Old and New.

I thought it was an interesting prompt and had several ideas for a post. I had my first choice partly planned out in my head and then forgot about the plan and took the wrong lens when I went for a walk with the camera on Sunday morning.

Then on Sunday evening I set up a camera in the yard hoping for some colourful clouds at sunset. There wasn’t much colour at sunset but as I had the camera set up I started using the auto composite setting to record the clouds moving across the sky.

That’s when I started thinking about some of the old techniques for showing movement in a photograph. That led to me thinking about photographic techniques and how some are the same and how some have changed dramatically.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Old and New

The late 1980s in Cheshire, England. A male Common Blackbird checking on the photographer lying in the grass.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Old and New

30 years later I’m still lying in the grass and birds are still checking me out. A male Red-breasted Nuthatch on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Old and New

The early 1980s and I’m on a roof in North London at dusk turning the lights of the city into streaks by zooming the lens during exposure.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Old and New

Nearly 40 years later and the digital camera I am using has an auto composite setting. This photo was a base exposure of 1 second and a further 120 x 1 second exposures to show the movement of the clouds at dusk.


Monochrome Monday

Monochrome Monday: 1st June 2020

Monochrome Monday travels back a couple of days to a walk around the neighborhood.

I was struck by the various shades of green of the newly opened Maple leaves. However, it was a grey, overcast day so rather than blue sky showing through the gaps in the branches it was featureless grey. So I decided to try a monochrome conversion using a red filter which increased the contrast between the various shades of green.

I rather like the way the leaves have become an almost abstract pattern with the branches giving a clue to what you’re looking at.

Monochrome Monday: 1st June 2020


Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Feel the Heat

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Feel the Heat.

When the prompt was posted this part of Ontario had dropped from 30°C to 12°C in the space of 48 hours. So I decided to go with a small selection of photos from my archives taken when I remembered some detail about the heat.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Feel the Heat

Donington Park race circuit in the early 1980s. I was a motorcycle racing guy, I had gone to Donington Park to check out an up and coming racer people were talking about called Ayrton Senna. So of course, I got photos of lots of cars apart from Ayrton Senna. It was that hot in the sun I ended up with blisters on my right ear.


Tuesday Photo Challenge - Connect

Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area, Saskatchewan in the late 1990s. I wanted to get as close to eye level with the American White Pelicans as possible. That meant either lying in the hot sun at the edge of the channel or setting up a tripod in the water and sitting in the water behind it.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Feel the Heat

A section of the Lake Huron shoreline at dawn in the mid 2000s. I had gone down to the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario at dawn as it was only going to get hotter as the day went on. I had recently got a new, plastic bodied digital camera and remember wondering how hot it could get before the heat started affecting the camera.


Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday: 31st May 2020

Silent Sunday: 31st May 2020

One Word Sunday


And Flair.

This is my contribution to the One Word Sunday challenge Flare or Flair.

Having shot a few photos of sun shining through trees with deliberate flare on some of my recent walks around the neighborhood I then decided to go in a completely different direction. So here’s a visit to the Le Mans race circuit in France for the 24 hour motorcycle endurance race in the spring of 1982.

The flare in this photo is created by the lights illuminating the pit lane entrance and the start/finish straight at the race circuit. The photo was taken with the silvernose OM Zuiko 50mm that I got with my Olympus OM1 in 1976. Those lenses were single coated rather than multi coated which probably explains the flare.

The flair in this photo is the motorcycle and rider. Built on a shoestring budget in a garage in London this is the bikes first race. It looks like a standard Honda CB900 rather than a purpose built endurance racer. Despite all that the team was up to 8th in the race at one point, ahead of some of the big budget professional teams.

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Number


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Friendly Friday: Comfort Food

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Comfort Food.

When thinking about the prompt the closest I could get to a comfort food for myself was British style Fish and Chips. I should explain that British style Fish and Chips bear little resemblance to what is sold as fish and chips in Canada.

So I decided to go with some colourful snacks. They are probably comfort food for some people but I photographed them for the colour.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Comfort Food

Colourful Gummy Bears in a bowl.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Comfort Food

Colourful sprinkles on a glazed donut.