Nesting preparations

Part one of a story that will be ongoing for the next 10 weeks or so.

A brief explanation. In 1987 I documented the entire nesting cycle of a pair of Eurasian Blue Tits. The nestbox was specially designed and constructed. It was installed in a garden shed in place of a normal nestbox used each spring.

The first photo shows a couple of pieces of nesting material in the bottom of the box while one of the birds pecks at the entrance hole. This is often done, I’m not sure if it is a territorial action or if the birds do it to make the hole a better fit.

Adult Blue Tit pecking at nestbox hole, Cheshire, England

A shot of the exterior of the nestbox. Nestbox, Cheshire, England


4 replies on “Nesting preparations”

Would this be the cliff swallow or the barn swallow? I would not have imagined that a cliff swallow would accept a ready-made nest.

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