Night racing

36 years ago this weekend I was in France for the 24 hour motorcycle endurance race. I was there to document a new British Endurance Racing team in their first race. I also helped out behind the scenes knowing both the riders and some of the pit crew.

This is Team Bike entering the start /finish straight at around 11 o’clock at night, 8 hours into the race. Or looking at it another way, only 16 more hours to go.

Night racing

The bike leaves the pits after a night time pit stop.

Night time pit stop.

3 replies on “Night racing”

It is great to be doing what you felt was right at that time. 36 years later, you still fondly remember this night and form your good memories. Good you pursue what you dream and achieve it😊👍

Thanks. It raises some interesting questions for me. Given the improvements in lenses and digital versus film how different would the images be today. Of course, you’re probably not allowed to stand in some of the spots where I was standing these days.

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