Week 15. The ghost of a Maple leaf.

With winter refusing to make way for spring in this part of Ontario it’s back to winter images. After getting 16 inches of snow yesterday I went for a walk this morning. I noticed the remains of the Maple leaf on the fresh snow and pursued it for some time as a strong wind kept blowing it around. In the end I managed to get one shot of it.

ghost Maple leaf.

3 thoughts on “Week 15. The ghost of a Maple leaf.”

    1. We had a spring like that a few years ago when if you blinked you missed it. We had a couple of inches of ice pellets on top of the snow after I took the photo yesterday morning. Now we’re getting freezing rain on top of the ice pellets.


      1. For those who love winter, it is a field day for them haha. I don’t have seasonal weather in Singapore. It is summer 365 days a year and so, I would love to trade with those wishing for warmer weather😉


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