Photo Challenges

Lines of a Fingerprint

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is Lines.

The photo shows two overlapping fingerprints in sodium thiosulfate which has crystallized. The crystals were photographed through a microscope using polarized light.

Sodium thiosulfate is used as a photographic fixer in the darkroom as silver halide dissolves in it. Commonly known as Hypo in the days of the black and white darkroom.

A fingerprint in sodium thiosulfate.

14 replies on “Lines of a Fingerprint”

At the time I was running the photo department at a scientific research establishment but these were taken in my spare time. I was interested in the technique as it wasn’t a process I used in the job.

Ah…OK..I thought it might be something like this. I remember back in school when all these amazing, otherworldly microscopic shots started coming out in different press sources. You were part of that wave?

Aaaand if you post about it, you will likely have to post a link somewhere in one of my comment sections because I do not get around to the blog as much as I’d like to and I am curious. I assume you are an engineer and jerry-rigged something.

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