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An unlikely evening

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is Unlikely.

One winter evening I went down to the Lake Huron shoreline for the sunset. The lake was covered with frazil ice and there was some nice layered clouds over Chantry Island. I positioned the tripod on the shoreline so that the sun would set to the right of the Lighthouse on Chantry Island.

Shortly after the sun had dropped below the horizon it illuminated the clouds nicely.

Chantry Island at sunset.

I learned long ago not to put the camera away until the last light has gone from the sky and this evening justified the rule. Shortly after the above photo was taken the largest and most spectacular sun pillar I had ever seen appeared behind the island. It made me think of a special effect in a science fiction movie.

A giant sun pillar.

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Thanks Olga. I’ve seen and photographed sun pillars in Saskatchewan and Ontario but none of them were as big and bright as the one in the photo. Some were so weak I didn’t spot them until I was going through my shots later.

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