52 week photo project

Week 21: Ontario’s Provincial Flower

There’s a good show of White Trilliums on the South Bruce Peninsula this spring. The White Trillium is the provincial flower of Ontario.

The photo was taken on an afternoon walk over the Victoria Day long weekend, know as the May 2-4 weekend. I was going to title the post ‘a group of White Trilliums and a solitary yellow Dandelion’ but decided that was a bit rambling.

Ontario's Provincial Flower.

3 replies on “Week 21: Ontario’s Provincial Flower”

I am always in awe of wild flowers that grow in the wild or nature. Over in my country, we hardly have flowering shrubs growing in the wilderness – to begin with, we do not have any vacant pieces of land other than designated conserved areas. If any one chances upon a spot, he or she is so lucky. Lovely share and I love to fee flowers everywhere if possible instead of in someone’s manicured lawns or as part of the greening and coloring of our cityscape.

There’s a lot of flowers growing in the wild around here but at the moment when you photograph them you’re getting attacked by Black Flies, Mosquitoes and Deer Flies. I’ve got to restock on insect repellent.

Aah the signs of summer on the way when you get all those insects. Thanks for sacrificing “blood and attacks” for a peek at your findings. 😊

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