The last nestbox photo

After the last young Eurasian Blue Tit left the nest I started checking the nestbox in the early morning and late evening. I was checking to see if any of the birds returned to use the nestbox as an overnight roost site.

This is what I saw 48 hours after the last youngster left. Those are Bird Fleas on the sides of the nestbox. I spent the rest of the day itchy, psychological as I never found a Flea or bite on me.

Bird Fleas in the nestbox.

11 replies on “The last nestbox photo”

Yes. I used to do slide presentations to natural history, birding and photography clubs/societies and often used the nestbox story in the presentation. I used the watch the audience when giant bird fleas appeared on the screen. You noticed some people start to fidget.

Nice series. I particularly liked the reluctant last bird to leave. Maybe it just wanted a bit of space. Probably didn’t reckon with being the focus for all those fleas.

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