A week 23 visitor

Sunday afternoon of week 23 saw me in the yard trying to get some shots of the various Woodpeckers and Nuthatches we have around at the moment. The birds weren’t cooperating and I was considering swapping the tripod for my ground pod.

Getting down to ground level would allow the Squirrels and Chipmunks to be as uncooperative as the birds. However, before I had chance to annoy the resident rodents a visitor wandered into the yard.

The Raccoon wasn’t sure about sharing the yard with a photographer and retreated a couple of times. I used my normal technique for those circumstances and avoided eye contact and ignored the Raccoon until it was comfortable with me being there.

Racoon or Raccoon?

4 replies on “A week 23 visitor”

Great photo. I have quite a fondness for raccoons, including a happy memory of a mother with four kits trying to haul them from the ground to a woodshed roof where they liked to hang out. She’d take one in her mouth, climb up a trellis, and set the youngster on the roof. Then she’d head down to try and grab the next one. The one left on the roof would wonder why it had been abandoned, screech in panic, and lean precariously over the edge. By the time the next kit was up there, the first one had fallen off! She repeated this process several times with identical results before giving up and hustling the family into the brush. Golden days.

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