52 Week Photo Project

Week 24: Sunday Brunch

I had selected a photo for week 24 on Saturday evening. That pick changed on Sunday morning and changed again in the afternoon.

I set a camera up in the yard Sunday morning but as my target bird species haven’t been cooperating I set up my ground pod to target the Squirrels, Chipmunks and whatever bird species decided to feed on the ground.

A portrait of an American Red Squirrel eating its Sunday brunch. The ground pod allowed me to get down to eye level with the Squirrel. I had to lift the ground pod up a couple of inches as my initial set up resulted in most of the subjects being hidden by the grass.

American Red Squirrel feeding.

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Amazing photograph! Just recently noticed a red squirrel at my feeder. Thought it was a chipmunk at first glance, but noticed the tail. Have never seen one up close.

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