Cosmic Photo Challenge

‘Don’t move!’

‘There’s a bug on your Hi-Viz.’

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is Street Photography.

The shot isn’t really street photography as it was taken at an airport. We visited the Air and Auto Extravaganza at Wiarton Airport on the South Bruce Peninsula a few weeks ago. The thing that struck me was the number of people wearing Hi-Viz vests. At times it seemed they out numbered the public at the event. So I was watching out for photo opportunities featuring people in Hi-Viz.

This rather amused me but I don’t know if it was the reaction to the bug on the vest or me wondering if it was a colour blind bug.

Naughty bug, get off there.

3 replies on “‘Don’t move!’”

Hey, just so you know, I consider it ‘your version’ of street photography, which makes it perfectly acceptable.

It is my version of street photography. I tend to stand out and get noticed when doing street photography as people notice a big, scary looking guy with a shaved head.

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