Cosmic Photo Challenge

Hidden behaviour in plain sight

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is Hidden In Plain Sight: Photo Elements You Might Have Missed.

This is a photo of a pair of American Avocets in Saskatchewan, Canada. They’re in breeding plumage having arrived for the summer. You may wonder what I missed? The photo was taken in the mid 1990s but until I copied the slide a couple of years ago I hadn’t noticed the behaviour of the two birds.

The bird on the left seems to be ready to mate while the other bird appears to be preening as if getting ready to go on a date. By the curve of their bills it’s a female ready to mate and a male preening.

Two American Avocets.

10 replies on “Hidden behaviour in plain sight”

Awesome shot, David! I need to get a beanbag for my telephoto shots. Thanks for including this one in our challenge!

Thanks. I used to kee a bean bag behind the drivers seat where I could reach it without getting out of the seat. Unfortunately, there’s so much ‘stuff’ behind the seat and on the back seat the bean bag now lives in the trunk.

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