Can you see it?

Taken on a recent evening walk. It’s at least the third time I have photographed this pile of rocks.

I’ve never been satisfied with any of the versions but I thought I’d share this to see if other people can see a face in the top rock or if it’s just me.

I was considering it for One Word Sunday – Hidden but decided that some explanation was necessary. So it’s a one word title followed by a long rambling post. If you can see the face it does appear to be hiding behind the other rocks.

A face in the rock.

11 replies on “Rockface”

I see three creatures. The one at the back does look like a mask. The one in the bottom centre is, I think, an elephant, with its trunk winding down between the stick and the rock. It is hard to be sure, because it’s so good at blending in with the stone. The one on the rock next to the elephant is a shape shifter. I’ve seen an owl, a bird more like a great auk, a walrus or seal… I’m think I’m going to have to stop looking!

Thanks Susan. I must admit that I didn’t really study the other rocks after spotting the face/mask. I may go for a walk and check them out.

Yes, agree with the face/mask in the back, and I can see the elephant, too though I might not have thought of that had it not been mentioned. Mt first thought about the one at the bottom right was that it looks like one of those Easter Island statues.

Thanks Graham. I just got back from a walk checking out the rocks but the light is all wrong with one ‘eye’ being a deep shadow and the other being hard to see because there was no shadow.

I see a little ‘kid’ rock face peeking up over a slumbering ‘parent’ rock. The kid rock has their arm draped over the unseen neck of the parent rock. He is curled up so his knee appears above the chest of the parent. In my mind they are both male… 🙂

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