Cosmic Photo Challenge

Rings in Circles

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is Circles.

I was in a retro mood this week and was using an old digital camera and four manual focus prime lenses. I was also planning on shooting with the intention of converting the shots to monochrome adding to the retro mood.

The monochrome plan fell through after a walk on Sunday afternoon when I left all the shots in colour. I spotted these stacked logs when heading in the grocery store Sunday morning. My plan was to look for a Circles image when I was in town but nothing caught my eye so made sure that my afternoon walk took me past the firewood.

Circles of firewood.

3 replies on “Rings in Circles”

Very nice, David! This reminds me of a section of our Botanical Garden here where they’d cut down some trees and stacked the trunks in a similar pattern. Well done!

Thanks. It was a similar situation, a neighbour cut down a tree a couple of weeks ago and stacked the wood close to the road.

I’ve always liked these kinds of stacks! I was lucky the ones in our Botanical Garden had just been cut so the fragrance was amazing.

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