Snow on the remains of a plant

Taken on a walk last week, the title is because I don’t know what they are remains of.

As I was on one of my regular routes I must have walked past the plant lots of times without noticing it. I suspect that it is a combination of the light and the snow on the plant that caught my attention this time.

I was in a retro mood and had gone out with a manual focus telephoto on the camera which meant walking over some snow covered bedrock to get the framing I wanted. Sometimes it pays to use a zoom when out for a walk.

Autumn snow on a dead plant.

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Thanks Susan. I have a couple of pairs of winter boots in case I need to dry a pair out. What I didn’t realise until we had a bit of a thaw recently was that there was tree roots running over some of the boulders which were hidden by the snow.

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