Cosmic Photo Challenge

Best of the Year Shot?

This week’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is Best of the year shot?

This has caused my some problems. As I have been doing a 52 week photo project this year do I pick one of my weekly picks? Another option is one of my 2018 shots that has been published elsewhere.

Then I discovered that some of the shots published elsewhere I was considering had been used in various posts during 2018. One had been a weekly pick and another had been a Wordless Wednesday post.

In fact I hadn’t decided which photo I was going to use when I started this post. Actually putting some of this down has helped me make a pick.

I’m going with my pick for Week 29. A bird in the rain.

Published in this blog on July 22nd it’s also the month of September in a 2019 birds calender and shows a young male Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the rain.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the rain.

11 replies on “Best of the Year Shot?”

Wow. I really like this one, David! Love how you managed to keep it sharply focused on the bird in spite of the rain. Well done!

The right lens for the right job! I know what you mean. I’m looking to expand my lens choices next year so there’ll be more choices to do what you’ve done here. Macro and wide angle are two of the areas I want to do more of soon.

A lot of my bird and wildlife photography is done with manual focus lenses. There’s times I’m in a retro mood and use a selection of manual focus primes for my other work.

I’ll admit, I’ve let myself get used to auto-focus options, but manual is a great way to experiment and learn your craft too.

Studying photography in the late 1970s meant pretty much everything was manual in those days. That’s why I put a manual retro kit together, so I can go back to shooting the way I did as an art student

I remember my first camera kit a bought from a Navy pal. Great camera, a manual camera I wish now I’d taken more time to full learn how to use. Yes, I definitely look forward to experimenting more.

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