Weekly Prompts

Looking up?

Or giving the photographer a look of disdain?

The new Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge is Up.

The attitude of this male Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) makes me think it’s a look of disdain for the photographer sitting in the portable canvas hide a few feet away.

Normally they’re looking down, watching for a fish in the water or an insect on the ground. It’s possible the bird was watching something in the air that could be a potential meal or a threat.

Male Common Kingfisher.

8 replies on “Looking up?”

I never thought about it like that. I probably should have done as I’m never really comfortable anthropomorphizing subjects in photos. I know that the Kingfisher wasn’t giving me a look of disdain.

True, if they feel threatened they don’t hang around. It’s the idea they’re responding to me in sitting in the hide that I find hard to believe.

Thanks Tom. The Belted Kingfisher we get seem to vary from year to year. I had a few last summer after having a lot the previous year.

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