Borage Close-Ups

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #34 is Close-Up.

After giving the challenge some thought I decided to concentrate on a single species, in this case the annual herb Borage. Traditionally a garden plant in Britain, it is now being grown commercially to produce Borage seed oil.

A Borage flower bud.

Borage plant.

A Borage flower.

Borage plant.

A stalk of Borage flower buds and a flower.

Borage plant.

Borage seeds.

Borage plant seeds.

24 replies on “Borage Close-Ups”

The second image made me think of a variety of clematis I used to have in back and front.
I enjoyed the close up of fizzy furry soft and prickly in the different pics
And I wonder if borage oil is the same thing as borage seed oil?

I suspect Borage oil and Borage seed oil is the same thing. I seem to recall reading that the seeds were around 25% oil.

Oh wow – when I first started hearing about supplements (1990) borage oil cake up. I was resistant to using some items (arid not see the value) and later needed more and more fats and oils (and boy did it help- like cod liver oil – evoo – etc ) but still have not really tried borage oil (but I will have to after this post)

Thanks Tina. I find it an interesting plant to photograph. It was something of a surprise to see farm fields covered in the blue flowers.

Thanks Susan. Some of the shots were taken when I was experimenting with taking close ups using a long telephoto normally used for wildlife.

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