Wordless Wednesday

Moody Sunrise.

Moody sunrise.

6 replies on “Moody Sunrise.”

Thanks Olga. With on going health issues there’s been times that I edit a shot and write the post on the tablet between sessions in a hyperbaric chamber so some of the edits are a bit varied.

Health issues can definitely affect one’s passion for photography. I have back and knee issues that hamper my shooting locations. This winter has especially left me stranded and yearning for more freedom of movement when spring weather unfolds.

Yes, I’ve been pretty much house bound since just before the new year apart from trips to various hospitals and medical centres. I’ve been having two sessions a day in the hyperbaric chamber in Tobermory, Ontario for the past two weeks.

Thanks Olga. It’s definitely working, the open wound on my leg has gone from the size of a loonie to the size of a medium sized pea after 9 days in the hyperbaric chamber.

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