Lens-Artists Photo Challenge


The new Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is Delicious.

My initial idea was for the various caterpillars, spiders and assorted other insects being fed to young birds by their parents.

Then it occurred to me just how many shots of birds and mammals feeding I had in my archives. So I decided to expand on the original idea with a selection of six different feeding behaviours.

First, an American Red Squirrel feeding on seed in the grass in Ontario, Canada.

Feeding American Red Squirrel.

An adult Eurasian Blue Tit feeding young with a green caterpillar in Cheshire, England.

Feeding the young.

A Bohemian Waxwing eating a berry at -30°C in Saskatchewan, Canada.

A Bohemian Waxwing at -30°C.

A Black-throated Blue Warbler pretending it’s an Oriole by feeding on the grape jelly in an Oriole feeder in Ontario, Canada.

Male Black-throated Blue Warbler.

An American White Pelican with a large fish in its pouch in Saskatchewan, Canada.

American White Pelican with fish.

Finally, an adult Great Crested Grebe feeding one of its own breast feathers to its young in Cheshire, England.

Adult Great Crested Grebe with young.

18 replies on “Delicious”

These are quite special David – clearly you are a bird stalker extraordinaire! I especially loved the waxwing. Don’t you just love watching them getting loopy after the berry barrage?!

What a treat to see these beautiful set of images! Love the Eurasian Blue Tit feeding young especially. And, the captures the bird eating a berry at -30°C and the pelican with a large fish in its pouch are awesome. Thank you so much, David for sharing with us. 🙂

Thanks Olga. A slow recovery, at least another three weeks before I can put any weight on the left leg or move the right shoulder. The physiotherapist is running out of weights for me to use working on the unbroken limbs.

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