Photo Challenges

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Illumination

My contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Illumination.


Orange sky at sunrise.


Frozen marsh at dusk.


Silhouetted lighthouse at sunset.


Specks in front of the sun.


Fireworks for Canada Day.


Night racing


Monochrome candle.

5 replies on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Illumination”

Such talent for photography. The sunset is on fire! Do you edit the photos, David and if so, do you have a favourite app for doing this?
Thanks for joining in on Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. See you again in two weeks at my blog for another prompt. Snow will host next week.

Thank you. I sometimes do some minor editing. I’m in a border mood at the moment adding various borders to the photos using Snapseed (an app).

oooh. Snapseed is great. I have used that and it is actually one of my favourite apps due to the many features. And it is free. My daughter on the other hand, who is quite a shutterbug prefers VCSO. I will watch out for your borders!

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