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Friendly Friday: Twins

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Twins.

I started thinking about some of the pairs and doubles I have photographed over the years. After a while I started writing them down as the list was getting quite long and I didn’t want to overlook any when making my selection for the challenge.

Two Maple leaves.

A pair of Maple leaves.

Two Great Crested Grebes.

A pair of Great Crested Grebes.

Two Oxeye Daisies.

A pair of Oxeye Daisies.

Two Sandhill Cranes.

Sandhill Cranes at sunrise.

Two Fly Agaric fungi.

Amanita muscaria.

Two Large White Butterfly caterpillars.

Big and small.

Two pieces of grass sticking out of the snow.


6 replies on “Friendly Friday: Twins”

Love those red fungi. I saw these for the first time in New Zealand a few years ago. I had thought them to be a fictional addition to children’s fairy stories. Quite delightful.

Thanks Chris. I knew Fly Agaric was found in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere but I didn’t know they were found in New Zealand.

Thank you David for playing along! 🙂 No surprise that they are all gorgeous. I love the last two – the caterpillars remindning me of childhood days, like I wrote in an earlier comment on another post of yours, and I’m not really sure why – I guess I paid more attention to little bugs and insects then and had the time and presence to slow down and actually look… And the snow picture, it’s gorgeous! Reminds me of Michael Kenna. Very surreal and serene

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