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July Squares: Big Blue Sky, tiny moon

A contribution to Becky’s July Squares: Blue challenge.

A full moon hangs over Chantry Island, its lighthouse and Lake Huron at sunrise. Southampton, Ontario, Canada.

July Squares: Big Blue Sky, tiny moon.

8 replies on “July Squares: Big Blue Sky, tiny moon”

Yes, it is a case this time of the thumbnail not showing the photo to its best advantage. I had one of those a week or so. The first photo in the post showed 2 pigeons looking at each other separated by some distance. All the thumbnail showed as the stretch of asphalt between them.😂 If I had been a reader, I would have had absolutely no interest in clicking on the post!

wow that’s a big sky. For a moment I was thinking Southampton, that can’t be Southampton and then i realised it is not the Southampton 15minutes from my house. It is a much more amazing Southampton!

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