CFFC: Water

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Water.

Living close to Lake Huron and Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada and having lived close to the Quill Lakes and Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan in the late 1990s I have rather a lot of photos featuring water to pick from.

So I had a ponder about the challenge and thought about the various states of water. So here is water in various states at different times of the year. All the shots are of Colpoy’s Bay, a bay on the much larger Georgian Bay and taken around sunrise.

Snow covering the ice on Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise.

A frozen Colpoy's Bay at sunrise.


A summer dawn over Colpoy’s Bay.

A sunrise over Colpoy's Bay.


A winter sunrise over ice on a frozen Colpoy’s Bay.

Ice at sunrise.


The sun rising above a fog bank in Colpoy’s Bay.

Colpoy's Bay at sunrise.

10 replies on “CFFC: Water”

They are all beautiful but I especially love the third one. The fractured ice in the center of the snow and the water is a nice juxtaposition of textures and edges.

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