Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Living in the Light

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Living in the Light.

As a photographer I pay attention to the light and had several ideas for the challenge. In the end I decided to make light the theme of my contribution. Here’s a few photos where the quality of light is a major part of the image.

A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the shade with sunlight illuminating the background. Last year I spent some time experimenting with different lighting conditions and had set up in the yard so that any birds landing on the branch in the shade would have sunlight illuminating the background.

Archaic bird photography of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.


Two backlit Sandhill Cranes soon after sunrise. I was heading home after going down to Colpoy’s Bay for the sunrise when I spotted the birds feeding in a hay field with the light behind them.

Sandhill Cranes at sunrise.


An American Red Squirrel in dappled sunlight. I deliberately set up in the yard where the birds and mammals would be moving in and out of the patches of sunlight.

Sunlit Squirrel.

14 replies on “Cosmic Photo Challenge: Living in the Light”

Oh, these are fantastic, David! I’m a big fan of the Sandhill Cranes, so that photo stands out for me. One day I hope to visit these beautiful birds in a famous spot here called Lodi. Well done.

We get a few Sandhill Cranes around here in the summer. When I lived in Saskatchewan there was flocks numbering hundreds of birds gathering up for autumn migration.

The ones that come to Northern California also number in the hundreds. It’s an amazing sight… on video, that is!

Thanks Stuart. I spent some time experimenting last year but with one thing and another I’ve not had much time for photography yet this year. I missed all but a few days of spring laid up in various hospitals and rehab.

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