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Friendly Friday: Sunrise

A contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Sunrise.

I have rather a lot of sunrises to choose from, some more memorable than others. Do I include one taken at -40° in Saskatchewan? Or how about one with unexpected wildlife showing up?

In the end I went with just two, one from England and one from Canada. But that’s not how I chose them. I picked one of the earliest that I have on film and the earliest that I have on digital.

Sunrise over farmland, Hatherton, Cheshire, England in the mid 1970s. Taken behind my parents house when I still in school. I don’t know what film stock it was. It’s entirely possible that I processed the slides myself in my parents bathroom.

Friendly Friday: Sunrise.


Approximately 30 years later a sunrise on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario, Canada. The fourth shot taken with an Olympus E-410 and the plastic kit zoom lens that came with it. Really just a test of the camera and lens. A few months later the shot was used in a local tourism guide.

Friendly Friday: Sunrise.

11 replies on “Friendly Friday: Sunrise”

I don’t remember. Being that I was still in school I probably grabbed a shot or two before going inside to get ready to catch the school bus.

Interesting contrast between completely different tones in a sunrise, David. Thank for posting. Do you prefer cool tones or warm, or no preferences in sunrise photography?

I don’t really have a preference for cool or warm tones. I try to get to a location at least 30 minutes before sunrise when the tones are cool. My preference is for interesting clouds to pick up colour from the rising sun.

The clouds do indeed make a lot of difference to a sunrise shot, as I found out last weekend. Too many and the horizon is blocked off, just a few and there are spectacularly illuminated puffballs of gold in the sky.

This summer we seem to have had lots of clear skies or solid cloud. The most memorable recent ones were the foggy/misty one’s.

I like fog and mist for photos and having Lake Huron on one side of us and a large bay on the other I get plenty of opportunities. It’s more that I associate that sort of weather with the autumn, not mid summer.

Occasionally, sometimes freezing fog which can be nasty. Generally it’s to cold for fog and mist. And once the lakes and bays freeze up there’s no liquid water to generate much.

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