Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts: Sepia Ivy Leaves

This is another contribution to the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Sepia which is running throughout August.

Ivy growing up a tree trunk. With the swirling around the edges of the frame you could think that this is an old photo but it was taken this summer with a 25mm CCTV lens adapted to fit a mirrorless camera.

Weekly Prompts: Sepia Ivy Leaves.

6 replies on “Weekly Prompts: Sepia Ivy Leaves”

Thanks Sue. The swirling around the edges is created by the 25mm CCTV lens. The image circle produced by the lens barely covers the sensor. So you’re seeing parts of the image you wouldn’t see if it was being used on a CCTV camera as it was designed for.

I picked up a 35mm CCTV lens earlier this summer and found it interesting enough to purchase a couple more. The 25mm produces lots of swirling around the edges of the shots. The focusing mechanism broke on my first outing with it but I repaired it and it hasn’t happened again. The 50mm CCTV lens has turned out to be a bit of disappointment so far. Sharp and no strange optical behaviour. Not what I was expecting from a $40 CAD lens.

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