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Friendly Friday: Fake

This is my sideways look at the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Fake.

I had a couple of ideas for the challenge but that changed when walking down High Street in Southampton, Ontario on Saturday morning. I had spotted the Porsche SUV when the driver of the red convertible also spotted it and pulled an illegal U turn so that he could park next to it.

I expect anyone reading this is wondering what’s fake about any of this. Well, firstly, I had already photographed the Porsche for the challenge before the convertible arrived. Because real Porsches have two doors and are low to the ground so anything else is fake. Secondly, any convertible is disqualified from being a sports car due in part to structural rigidity and in part for safety reasons.

So there we have it, two fake sports cars on Saturday morning. I saw the cyclist approaching and waited for him to pass the cars. When he looked at the Porsche I took the shot.

Friendly Friday: Fake.


10 replies on “Friendly Friday: Fake”

I am
Wondering what the other photos look like – but you picked the perfect one!!
It is like the guy is like “dang!”
And the connection to fake is so interesting -hmmmm

Cars can be so fun to photograph – in June I grabbed a shot of a convertible “Saturn” brand car up in Canada – never knew they made such a car (they were always the junky cars in the 90s – not as bad as Yugo ) anyhow – took a few shots to show a mechanic I know – but no other cars came – no bikers came along – hahha
And so even tho you only gave us one image – your words allowed us to feel the action that came while grabbing your photo

I know someone with a convertible Saturn. Well, he had one two years ago but he was talking about trading it in but I don’t know if he did.

I will try and come back to share a small image of the one I saw – and I wonder if they are highly desirable because the company is no longer in business

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