Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts: Sepia Crofters Cottage

Another contribution to the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Sepia which is running throughout August.

This old crofters cottage was a museum of crofting when I was on the Isle of Skye in 1980. It’s another of those shots that would probably have been sepia toned if taken when the cottage was occupied.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Sepia Crofters Cottage.


18 replies on “Weekly Prompts: Sepia Crofters Cottage”

Thanks. I have a love/hate relationship with sepia. But the same is true with monochrome in general. Once editors and publishers stopped using monochrome in the 1980s I lost my eye for seeing in black and white. For the past couple of years I have been making an effort to see in black and white the way I could all those years ago.

That is interesting that the mind has gotten away from black and white as you say – and we sure are in an image saturated vibrant color kinda world
And also relating to the 80s and black and white – I have a “design” textbook that is not that old and I was shocked that many of the pantings included for reference were still black and white (as opposed to color versions which I think was needed)

Apparently the electronic viewfinder on my mirrorless camera can be set to monochrome. Although everyone used to “see” black and white through optical viewfinders for ever before that.
I’ve never understood publishers decisions about using illustrations. I’ve had colour images turned to monochrome that looked so bad I was embarrassed to have my name under them.

oh wow – you have had your images used like that – cool – well not cool that it might have ruined the look fo your work – but cool to have them used and published.

I’ve had lots of photos published over the years. But sometimes after cropping and/or monochrome conversion you sometimes wish they’d forgotten the photo credit.

wow – they really must have morphed the originals – and that is too bad – but hopefully much good came from it – and speaking of mono photos – I have had some sitting in a folder needing to be posted and our comment chatting motivated me to create a post – so thanks for that – and wishing you a good day

I for one ‘love’ Sepia and I will definitely begin to use it more. This old Crofter’s cottage is magnificent in Sepia and I thank you for sharing it with us. I like the added extra, the finishing touches you thoughtfully added to give it authenticity.

Thanks Sue. I’ve been adding lots of borders recently. There’s quite a few to choose from in Snapseed. Some of the film era borders seem appropriate for some of the vintage photos.

I might have a look at that one, I will be shopping in York later this week and will have ample opportunity to add to my York collection.

Snapseed is quite a nice app and it’s free. When I had to use a tablet without it for a while I struggled to find something else to do minor edits with.

I love that word Free! Often the best ones too.
I use my tablet a lot, but my PC is the one used for writing and editing.
Out of interest, were you originally from the U.K?

I use a desktop that’s not online for 95% of my editing, Bluetooth the edits to my tablet and do everything online from the tablet these days. It’s probably a decade since I had a laptop. I can shove a tablet in just about any camera bag pocket and it has apps for sunrise/set direction for locations I’m new to or for calculating exposure if I’m using neutral density filters to blur water and/or clouds.
I’m originally from Cheshire, England but have been in Canada since 1997.

Occasionally I still use my eight year old laptop, it still works pretty well, but prefer to use my All in One PC. I tend to use my iPad in the evening and early morning, I’m usually awake before six but dislike getting up too early, so coffee in bed with the iPad for the first two hours of the day! I often begin my drafts minus pictures during early morning for my Nan’s farm blog and mostly write the short ones on the pad for Weekly Prompts at that time of day too.
Interesting how we all work differently.
I wondered about Cheshire after seeing some of your photographs. GC is Canadian, and I’m English from Yorkshire!

Surprisingly, long distance works well for us, and at this stage in our lives and with our strong family ties it has to.

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