Throwback Thursday

Common Blue Butterfly.

Throwback Thursday travels back to Shropshire, England in the late 1980s.

This male Common Blue Butterfly was photographed at Brown Moss Nature Reserve near Whitchurch, Shropshire, England in the early morning. I suspect the butterfly had spent the night on the Thistle it’s resting on.

Common Blue Butterfly for Throwback Thursday.

5 replies on “Common Blue Butterfly.”

Great macro-shot, especially so considering that it was taken “back in the day” before digital photography allowed us to attempt the same photo over and over until we get it right (or until the butterfly takes off)

Thank you. I seem to recall that, unusually, the butterfly remained on the Thistle while I changed composition and magnification.

Thanks Hannah. I edited it to use in July Squares: Blue and never used it. It worked out for a Throwback Thursday anyway.

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