Cee’s B & W Photo Challenge: Take New Photos – Any Topic

ThIs is my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Take New Photos – Any Topic.

A rather appropriate challenge after heading down to Colpoy’s Bay for the sunrise only to find some interesting cloud cover with little colour in the sky.

Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge: Take New Photos.

Cee's Black and White Photo Challenge: Any Topic.

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Thanks Sue. I think I prefer the second image although I didn’t pay attention to what order I put them in until I posted.

Thanks, that’s one preference for cool first and one for the second so far. I think I prefer the second because the clouds seem more interesting.

Certainly better than this morning when I got a few shots 45 minutes before sunrise and then had to take shelter in the car due to a thunderstorm and heavy rain that lasted for an hour and a half. I foolishly left the tripod set up on the shoreline expecting the storm to blow over so got was soaked to the skin retrieving it.

yikes – that must have been some storm – and sometimes moments like that – getting caught in a longer storm – well not only doe sit make for a good story – but it can just be good for our perspective – slows us down – and shows us the power of nature – and who is really in charge – hah

Not really much of a storm for me. I slept through a tornado in Saskatchewan, Canada and was on top of a sandstone escarpment with nowhere to shelter during a severe thunderstorm in Cheshire, England.

I’ve got a friend in England who wants to go storm chasing but he won’t go with me because I’m to relaxed about them.

It can be a curse. On one occasion my then wife had to get out of bed to kick me until I woke up. The thunder was shaking the house and rattling the windows. She claimed I woke said “oh, it’s thundering” and went back to sleep. I was in the dog house for a few days for that.

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