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Friendly Friday: Remote

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Remote.

My first thought was of some of the remote spots I visited when living in Saskatchewan, Canada in late 1990s. I once had the passenger side front wheel of my truck disappear into a hole at a water level control connecting Little Quill Lake and Middle Quill Lake. It was at the end of several miles of rough track that stopped at the water control point. I had to pile rocks in the back of the truck to get the rear wheel on the ground and the front wheel out of the hole.

Another time at a section of Little Quill Lake I managed to lock my keys in the truck and had to break into it with an old piece of barbed wire that I had stripped the barbs off.

Here’s a photo of a sunset over a marsh at Little Quill Lake. It was winter so I was probably the only person within 10 miles and it was -40° at the time.

Friendly Friday: Remote.


18 replies on “Friendly Friday: Remote”

-40° isn’t uncommon for Saskatchewan in the winter. Although it is a dry cold so doesn’t feel as bad as the damp cold we get in Ontario.

There’s a lot of nature outside the front door. I missed a visit from one of the local Black Bears by a couple of minutes when I went for the sunrise last Sunday. I stopped off at the bay for the sunrise on my way to work during the week and had three Otters, an adult and two young, in the bay.

That’s lovely. Well, maybe the bear part is slightly scary! Hubby has recently seen a moose and a deer in Helsinki but I’ve never had such luck. Though I did once see a fox downtown, the poor thing looked quite lost! These are encounters you remember though, they stay with you.

The wife had chased several Black Bears out of the yard before I even saw one last year. We’ve had two visits this year and I missed both. Despite that I must have seen dozens of them over the years and still don’t have any photos. Several years ago I sat in the car watching the biggest male I have ever seen eating grass having just emerged from hibernation. I had a camera behind the seat of the car but preferred to just watch for a while.

Fantastic contribution, David and truly remote!! So remote it is scary when things go wrong. One must surely have to have one ‘s wits about them in those extreme temperatures and skills to manage problems. I was always a bit scared travelling through Iceland in winter as I don’t have the skills to know how to survive in winter conditions. The coldest temp here is +6 degrees and that is unusual.

Thank you. What makes it more remote in the winter is that some of the farms aren’t occupied. So even if there’s a farmhouse 10 miles away there may not be anyone living there.

I carried a first aid kit, a blanket, some bottles of water and cereal bars in the winter. I always had a Swiss Army knife and multi tool in my camera bag in those days. Which is how I got a piece of wire to break into my own truck.

Good basic kit essentials. I guess the remote regions of Australia are s dangerous as the colder areas of the globe, except you need to carry more water and no blanket.

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