CFFC: Fire Hydrants

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fire Hydrants.

Now I know that this isn’t a photo of a fire hydrant. I took a very sideways look at the challenge this week.

My first thought about fire hydrants was of dogs using them to mark their territories. This is what rural dogs use to mark their territories. It’s 11 years since I lived somewhere with fire hydrants. Around here dogs use utility poles to mark their territories.

Except that this pole has been used by something else. The scratches are from a Black Bear either marking its territory or sharpening its claws. There’s some debate between biologists about why they claw trees. Or in this case utility poles. It was quite a large bear by how far up the pole they are.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge.

7 replies on “CFFC: Fire Hydrants”

Well I’d like to see a bear take on a fire hydrant. Some neighbours had to pour a cement pad to bolt their bear resistant garbage cans to. They kept getting flipped over when the bears tried to get into them.

Thanks Hannah. It seemed an obvious connection to me. Growing up in England where they don’t have fire hydrants standing on street corners may explain why I thought of dogs using them. Probably something like Tom and Jerry may have been my first experience of them.

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