Six Word Saturday

A Canada Goose doing yoga exercises.

It’s not using a yoga mat.

So maybe it’s doing Tai Chi.

My contribution to Six Word Saturday.

A Canada Goose having a stretch.

26 replies on “A Canada Goose doing yoga exercises.”

Oh my goodness! Sure enough. I’ve never seen a non- webbed bird do that stretch. But then the pelican was the first bird I had seen do the stretch at all, so there you are. Theory revised. 🙂

Funny. I have a very similar photo of a Canada goose doing the same thing, in Germany though 😀 If I remember correctly I captioned mine differently, a lot ruder in fact. It looks so … disdainful.

Thanks for the smile. I try to remember to stand on one leg while microwaving my porridge. It attempts to boil over so requires watching towards the end. Apparently it is good for us (standing on one leg… not sure about the porridge!)

Porridge is good for you as oats lower cholesterol. Part of my physiotherapy has been working on the left leg after the accident. I didn’t have any problem balancing on the left leg after the surgeon cleared me to start using it. It’s more a question of getting the strength back in the leg.

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