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A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture

This is my contribution to the A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture.

At first I considered the obvious subjects, tree bark, ripples on water. It was the ripples on water that made me think of snow and ice.

Ice on Colpoy’s Bay at sunrise in early spring. At this point the ice had thawed a little and started breaking up before refreezing.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture.

10 replies on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Texture”

I do admit that when I think of the beach – ice does not come to mind – ha – yet many coastal areas get cold – as you show us here….
And love the organic shapes/lines

Yes – I see that now – and zooming in changed the photo for me – well I’m a good way – but you know how they say a painting looks different close up and then at 3 feet away and then at 12
Well this photo looks different via small on mobile – the sky and edge of water line stand out more – and then the bigger version is all that texture and crust and design vibe

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