Photo Challenges

Friendly Friday: Leaves

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Leaves.

As there’s a lot of Maple trees around home I decided to go with a selection of photos of Maple leaves. They were all taken locally when I was out for a walk with a camera.

A Maple leaf on snow.

Casting a shadow on the snow.


Two Maple leaves on a moss covered boulder.

A pair of Maple leaves.


Some Maple leaves.

An early autumn leaf.


Even more Maple leaves.

Backlit Maple branch.


Many more Maple leaves.

Fisheye autumn colour.


12 replies on “Friendly Friday: Leaves”

Great photo’s David. I Love that leaf on the snow image, it’s actually quite a warm picture considering it’s mostly white and snow. The one looking up into the tress is lovely as well. Sometimes those shots can be a bit dark but you’ve made it light and airy.

The blue sky and white fluffy cloud helps with the one looking up. It was a fun challenge for me given the number of photos I had to pick from.

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