Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Precious Pets

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Precious Pets.

First I must admit that I was considering not taking part in this particular challenge. It’s about 18 months since we lost Piglet, our dog and despite a couple of attempts to write a post about him I hadn’t until now.

This is Piglet, so named because his tail curled like a piglet when he was a puppy. He was a Collie/Beagle cross, not a particularly good mix. With the long hair of a Collie and the short legs of a Beagle he could be a mobile brush/mop/duster depending on the time of year and weather conditions.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Precious Pets.


This is Sally, a Welsh Collie I had as a child in Cheshire, England in the 1970s and the first Collie in my life. A Welsh Collie is a mix of Welsh Sheepdog and Border Collie. In some respects very similar to Piglet. They both hated getting wet and would detour around puddles to avoid getting their feet wet. This photo dates back to the mid 1970s. I suspect that it was taken with the Zenit E I used before getting an Olympus OM1 in mid 1976. The slide is in a terrible condition, faded, dirty and with a nasty colour cast. It took me some time to edit the slide copy to get this photo.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Precious Pets.


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Both lovely dogs – and my dogs certainly bring in things from the forest or grounds and leave them on my floor. Things you have to get used to for the love of them! I also recognize the “not-getting-wet” thing. My oldest was a cat before – I am rather sure.

Thanks Leya. It always amused me that both dogs would climb snow banks to avoid walking through a puddle. Getting wet from messing around in the snow must be different from getting wet feet walking through a puddle.

Thanks Tom. After 18 months I still expect Piglet to appear if I drop some food or to be at the patio doors freaking out if some Racoons appear in the yard.

Two very fine looking dogs David and I’m not surprised you still find it hard to talk about Piglet – I lost my 19 year old cat a good few years back and I still miss him.

Lovely pictures both but I was shocked to read you’d used slides… in a ZENIT???? You’re a brave brave man 😀 (note: I had a Zenit E for years and loved it!)

Thanks Stuart. Part of my O level art was a slide presentation. I pretty much always shot slides unless the job called for prints.

I’m sorry you lost Piglet, but glad you managed to share the picture with us. He was a fine dog. The description of him made me smile. Sally reminds me of one of our family dogs, a border collie called Kelly. He hated to get wet too. One time he ended up in a reservoir with our bearded collie, Moss, and made us half laugh and half gasp when he trod on Moss’s head to get out. Moss didn’t mind swimming and came to no harm, although I’m sure he was taken aback when it happened.

I don’t remember him being troubled by the rain, he just didn’t like pools of water. My sister once bathed him with shampoo and he was so disgusted by the way he smelt that he rolled in green pig muck when she wasn’t looking.

Sally wasn’t to bad in the rain. Piglet wouldn’t go outside if it was raining to hard. You would have to put him on a leash and take him outside.

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