Juvenile Purple Finch

A juvenile Purple Finch in the yard.

At the moment most of the adult birds are looking scruffy after the breeding season while the juveniles are looking quite smart.

Purple Finch juvenile in late summer.

15 replies on “Juvenile Purple Finch”

The adult Hummingbirds left some time ago and the immature birds headed south this week. We’ve not had any since last Wednesday.

I’m ready. The past few years we’ve had storms that stripped the leaves off as they were changing colour so I’m hoping for a better fall.

yes – I hope you don’t lose the leaves too early – and my neighbor has fruit trees that lost all of their leaves this year – wonder if they are dead or just had some kind of weather related leaf drop –
our apple tree was starting to lose the leaves and then it stopped – I ran out and added some “food spikes” and watered it deeply for a few days – maybe that helped

ahhhh got it – and so I guess we shall see how lit unfolds.
wishing you a good week David M
and enjoyed comment chatting today

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