Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Grin

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Grin.

Now you may be wondering why a section of a mural featuring two grumpy looking men has to do with the grin challenge. I’ve always found the mural a bit grim, it could do with someone grinning.

The mural is on the side of the laundromat in Southampton, Ontario, Canada. I think it depicts some of the history of the town. Maybe the grumpy looking men were two of the founders of the town. But surely, if you’re going to produce a mural to highlight some of the history of the town you could have made the portraits smile or grin.

Oh, and the name of the laundromat with these grumpy images on, Sparkles Laundromat.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Grin

7 replies on “Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Grin”

I think they’d be hard pressed to find someone smiling from back then. I understand it took so long to set up the camera that no one could hold a a smile for that long. You’d think the artist could have created a couple though! 😀😀

Yes, I’m with you on that one. Sorry to be a bit late on getting back to you over the previous WP matter. I had an 8:00 AM appointment and needed to shoot off. It is very odd, lots of strange things going on right now, makes you wonder if there’s some mischief going on around us!

Yes, I’ve noticed some strange behaviour and everything seems sluggish at times. Some of my comments were appearing twice but only on certain peoples sites. I actually managed to time travel recently when a Monday morning post appeared to have been posted a day and a half earlier on the Saturday.

I’ve done the time travelling thing too. In my case I’d been writing in advance and it took the date that I’d begun writing and not the date of publication! I had a couple of friends tell me I had been mysteriously unfollowed by them. Someone else reported they’d lost ten followers in one day, now that does seem excessive. I told him I’d probably got them because I’d suddenly gained a group of new followers on the same day! It’s too early for Halloween!

I don’t really pay attention to the number of followers anymore. It seems to have become like Instagram where people follow someone so they will be followed back. I suspect that most of my recent followers have never viewed a post after following me and unfollowed me when I didn’t follow them back.

I never check my stats, I find them irrelevant, if I was a commercial site I might find the information useful, the only reason I know about the number of followers is because WP flashes it up on the screen and I have a good memory.
I agree with you, most of the followers never appear again.

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