14 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday: 7th October 2019”

      1. I hand’t recognized it as Libre 2 until I clicked outward from the comments – then I recognized the format as the one I’m using, only in full format. I’ve been thinking of doing that, as the photos are bigger that way. Now I know what it would look like! How do you get the black or white outline around your photo? Did the coding default that way once you chose a darker background (as opposed to my white background.)?

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      2. Really? Not Lightroom? (Although I have to admit, I’m still using Apple’s Photo editor. It has improved immensely over the years.) But I am now wanting to so some editing stuff that Apple’s editor doesn’t do, so I really need to devote some time to learning a new editing app. I’ll definitely check out Snapeed.

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      3. I use Lightroom on my desktop but the desktop isn’t online. I resize and do basic edits and Bluetooth those to the tablet. If I decide to use one in a blog post it usually gets a final edit in Snapseed before adding a border.

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