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October Squares: Lines of Sandhill Cranes

For day 12 of Becky’s October Squares: Lines photo challenge here are several lines of Sandhill Cranes flying to roost at sunset.

Taken at Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada in the autumn. Sandhill Crane flocks can number in the hundreds of birds as they congregate in the area on their way south for the winter.

As a double lines contribution there’s also so interesting streaked cloud.

October Squares: Lines of Sandhill Cranes

16 replies on “October Squares: Lines of Sandhill Cranes”

Thanks. It wasn’t really planned like that. I had to make a substitution of the image for today’s October Squares as the one I was going to use was similar to my six word Saturday post.

oh I so love seeing cranes as a rare sight in England, and even in Portugal where they are a bit more common still not easy to see or photograph. excellent line photography 🙂

I’d still recommend central Saskatchewan in the autumn. The Quill Lakes area and the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area have thousands of Sandhill Cranes and tens of thousands of Snow Geese gathering up before heading south for the winter.

There used to be a shorebirds festival at Quill Lakes in the spring but for spectacle you can’t beat the huge flocks in the autumn. Shorebirds are what they call waders in North America and there’s 250,000 return to the area each spring.

I am working on MrB . . .he doesn’t like long distance flying but loves seeing waders and wants to visit Canada . . so as soon as I can figure out an affordable way we will be on our way!

In that case I would suggest the spring and work in a visit to the Rockies in Alberta, the next province over. You can’t get much more contrasting landscape than the flat Canadian prairies and the Rocky mountains.

It’s on the list! He loves prairies, and so enjoyed the American Rockies that I know he will more than fall in love with the Canadian ones. I visited 30 odd years ago so need to book that return trip!

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