Monochrome Monday

Monochrome Monday: 14th October 2019

This is the abandoned grocery store in the town of Wiarton on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada.

It has been standing empty for years getting increasingly derelict. The roof was leaking badly when it was still in use as a grocery store so it’s probably no better inside than it looks on the outside.

Monochrome Monday: 14th October 2019

8 replies on “Monochrome Monday: 14th October 2019”

Some of the old Polaroid flms used for testing exposure and lighting came with a chemical swab you were supposed to use to stop the shots fading. I seem to remember those swabs had an odd smell.

oh I did not know about the swab – but it makes sense.
and someone gifted (recycled) to me a hefty pack of old photo paper – the heavy stuff that was made for the dark room? –
anyhow, it also smelled and I sent it to the goodwill for someone else to use

and getting back to your photo here – it really reminds me of the life cycle of things – I bet one day that store was bustling – and now it likely will be demolished – esp if it had leaking roof before hand

There’s been various rumours about what’s happening with the building but it’s been empty so long I suspect that it’s beyond repair now.

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