Monthly Squares

October Squares: Lines at the Marina

This is my contribution to day 14 of Becky’s October Squares: Lines photo challenge.

Taken yesterday morning after going down to the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline for the sunrise.

After the sun was up I made a short detour to check the autumn colour on the Niagara Escarpment. I noticed that the masts of the boats moored at the Wiarton Marina made a nice line of lines for the challenge.

October Squares: Lines at the Marina

13 replies on “October Squares: Lines at the Marina”

Actually, where the photo was taken from was a few yards from a closed public dock. The dock is closed because the water is above a section of the dock. Given the amount of rain we’ve had recently the water level will only get higher.

I remember that about 15 years ago there was all sorts of news reports about low water levels in the Great Lakes. Now water levels are so high there’s erosion of sections of shoreline and they’re closing docks because the water is above the dock.

Thanks Tish. I’ve just got back from there this morning where there was some sunlight and more interesting clouds. I should have left this contribution to the challenge for a couple of days.

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