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Friendly Friday: Secrets

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Secrets.

It’s not much of a secret but I first started blogging as The Grumpy Snapper. I still post occasionally to that blog but not very regularly these days.

I started this blog to document the 52 week photo project that I did in 2018. After a while this became my primary blog and The Grumpy Snapper was relegated to rambles about aspects of photography and the occasional rant.

The name came from my reputation for being grumpy and a derogatory term for a photographer. Some photographer’s get upset about being referred to as snappers but it’s not something that has ever bothered me.

Here’s a couple of snaps from the summer that I posted as The Grumpy Snapper but I didn’t post on this blog. Both shots were taken when I was testing the Meike 25mm lens I added to my lightweight, back to basics kit of three manual focus primes.

Some backlit Maple leaves on a local back road. Sometimes it’s just about the light.

Friendly Friday: Secrets


Amethyst Aster flowers on a local back road. Testing how the lens renders the out of focus background.

Friendly Friday: Secrets



5 replies on “Friendly Friday: Secrets”

Although it does defeat the purpose a little when you have to explain the name to the wife who thought it was something to do with a Snapping Turtle.

Dat is goed zeg! De onscherpe achtergrond . . . Ik weet niet hoe dat moet. Camera staat altijd op automatisch … Bakkie! Maandagochtend in Amsterdam, 21 – 10 -2019 * Holland ******

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