Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Seeing Double

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Seeing Double.

Three doubles from Ontario, Canada.

Two Coneflowers.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Seeing Double


Two rainbows.

Barn and rainbows.


Two Sandhill Cranes.

Sandhill Cranes at sunrise.


Three doubles from Cheshire, England.

Two Pond Skaters making more Pond Skaters.

Mating Pond Skaters.


Two Fly Agaric.

Amanita muscaria.


Two Great Crested Grebes.

A pair of Great Crested Grebes.

16 replies on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Seeing Double”

Thanks Tina. Sandhill Cranes should have headed south for the winter some time ago but we heard some this morning.

Oh – I especially like the cranes and the Grebes – the Grebes and their reflection are particularly beautiful. All our interesting water fowl have migrated south, unfortunately. We’re just left with gulls and coots.

Thanks Leya. I had plenty to pick from so decided to limit myself to six. But as it worked out three were from Ontario and three were from Cheshire so I made out I had planned it like that.

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