Cosmic Photo Challenge

Lake Huron, Sand and Sunrise

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Sun, sea and sand.

Currently living in Ontario, Canada I’m a long way from the nearest salt water. But I am close to some of the sandy beaches of Lake Huron.

So here’s a sandy, fresh water beach at sunrise. The giant Canadian flag and flagpole at the bottom of High Street, Southampton, Ontario is visible above the horizon. A digital capture, I added a Polaroid type border to the image.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Sun, sea and sand

10 replies on “Lake Huron, Sand and Sunrise”

Thanks Dale. Il seem to think that the flag is 50 feet by 25 feet. The flagpole is 135 feet high as it was erected to celebrate the 135th anniversary of the town.

Mooi … , zo vroeg al uit de veren … Nee, 07.00 zonsopgang boven Amsterdam deed ik liever niet. Ik had net een koppie soep gedronken voor me keel … Ik heb alweer een grote bek, die je vijf straten verder kan horen, dus … Amsterdam, 30-10-2019, 07.45 uur … *

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