One Word Sunday


This is one of the more famous tourist attractions on the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario. This is one of the Flowerpots on Flowerpot Island. Flowerpot Island in in Georgian Bay and is part of the Fathom Five National Marine Park.

The Flowerpots are a type of sea stack formed over many years as the softer rock erodes leaving the harder pillar of rock standing.

This is my contribution to One Word Sunday: Famous.

One Word Sunday: Famous

6 replies on “Famous”

Thanks Debbie. Flowerpot Island is off the tip of the Bruce Peninsula with boat tours out to the island sailing out of Tobermory. There’s various other attractions around Tobermory plus a ferry across Lake Huron in the summer.

I am ashamed to say I didn’t know about these so close by!
I have been to the flower pots at Hopewell in NB.

The photo dates back to 1985 when I spent part of the summer in Ontario. I was shooting stock for photo libraries so did a lot of the tourist attractions.

Schatje!!! Vergeet je me niet in Amsterdam? Maarreu-euh . . . , in 1985 was er toen al internet? Dus, op 6 augustus 2015 {Friedab2015 = usersname by WordPress} begon ik pas . . . Ik kom wel effies naar u toe . . . Rust in de tent in Canada . . . Heerlijk! Als ik naar Canada ga, kom ik nooit meer terug. Groetjes from Amsterdam, zondag namiddag, 3 november 2019, 16.45 uur … *

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