17 thoughts on “Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: Flame”

      1. I cleaned snow off the car last Friday morning and there was a layer of ice pellets on the ground and car when I headed off for the sunrise last Sunday morning.

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  1. I wish I had your talent David.
    Late Autumn here and just beginning to chill up. You of course will remember how that feels over here. Could change by the end of the month but hopefully not snow!

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    1. I had an email from someone in the U.K. this afternoon. They said that the leaves are starting to change colour in south Staffordshire. Our leaves changed weeks ago and most have fallen off the trees now.

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      1. Up here in Yorkshire, obviously further north than Staffordshire, the leaves have also changed colour, some trees are bare of leaves whilst other trees are a little slower to kill off their greenery. A couple of years ago we had snow at the end of October, that was a first for me. Last year was fairly mild, hopefully we can repeat that!

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      2. We’ve been getting a snow, sleet, ice pellets and rain mix since the middle of last week. I never know what I will have to clean off the car each morning.

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      1. It does seem cold for early November. I’ve just driven home through snow, heavy and sticking to the highway at times. I’ve got to head out for physiotherapy in a few minutes.

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