15 thoughts on “Light”

    1. Thanks Jackie. I’ve just got back from Colpoy’s Bay. Thick cloud with drizzle and wet snow. I’m in the process of drying the camera and bag.


  1. Yes, i see the air is “opgeklaard”, the air is … , isseu … , very beautiful … Hoe overnacht u dan? ‘s-Ochtends vroeg zulke prachtige foto’s … In `n camper? Gewoon in de auto of heeft u zo’n sta-caravan, die je achter je auto mee sleept? In Holland noemen wij dat “een sleurhut” en die moet je effetjes vatten, omdat er ‘n dubbelen bodem in zit … Prachtig! Zoals, you make: from one point of vieuw, so many photo’s … , many differend picture’s … , photo reportage’s … Differences colours, many variety in air and light and light-coloured, bright light, light with shade … Very beautiful … * http://www.friedabblog.wordpress.com * Amsterdam, 10-11-2019, 15.25 uur . . . Elfriede!

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      1. Rather amusingly a local cop stopped to talk after they had stopped further back down the road to photograph the sunset. I was photographing some bright red Maple leaves at that point.

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    1. Thanks Debbie. It was an easy choice, taken recently and just before the clocks went back I didn’t have to get up to early to get it.


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