Male Yellow Warbler

This is my contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Yellow.

I thought about some of the bird species that have Yellow in their common English names. Here’s a male Yellow Warbler photographed at Point Pelee National Park, Ontario, the southern most part of the Canadian mainland.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Yellow

9 replies on “Male Yellow Warbler”

Thanks Cee. It was a species I haven’t posted about previously and it was taken on spring migration. I suspect the spring part was subconsciously because I’m already fed up with cleaning snow off the car and driving in the snow.

Een geel grasmusje! Mijn God! Mag ik hem in een doosje doen en af-en-toe heel eventjes kijken … Och … , zo zoet! Wat lief! Wat geweldig mooi!
David M.: “Yes, I know now …, en ik wil niet dat je hem in een doosje doet. Blijf met je poten van dat gele grasmusje af, yes!” Amsterdam, 15 november 2019, 17.10 uur …
– Ik ga de aardappeltjes opzetten. Prettig weekend! *

Thanks, I haven’t done much nature photography since my accident due to the messed up right arm and the weight of some of the equipment. I’m hoping to get out after some winter birds as my arm improves.

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